About Us

Rush Capital Fund is a private opportunistic investment fund that acquires distressed assets; both residential and commercial specifically mortgage notes and REO assets from banks and other financial institutions on a national and international basis.

Rush Capital Fund was founded by Kenneth Rushing. The mission of this fund is to acquire distressed real estate portfolios from lenders, servicing companies and other financial institutions for below market value; and then re-sell them at sub-wholesale prices to investors.

For nearly a decade, Mr. Rushing has been involved in hundreds of real estate transactions resulting in over $60 million dollars in sales.

Mr. Rushing recognized that with a record number of bank failures and over 3 million foreclosures filings in 2009, right now is an ideal time to formulate a business model to harvest the opportunities delivered by these events.

The Rush Capital Fund business model will:

(1) Help banks become profitable by reducing their toxic assets to strengthen their balance sheets and lend more money.

(2) Help to streamline the distressed asset acquisition process by offering verifiable products at sub-wholesale prices to sophisticated investors looking to yield high returns.

(3) Help to restore the dream of homeownership.

(4) Help to provide distressed asset training (bulk REO, Note buying), and support for aspiring investors using sophisticated wealth-building strategies.

With its headquarters in Tampa, Florida, Rush Capital Fund has developed exclusive relationships with over sixty banks and other lending institutions.

These institutions trust us to acquire distressed assets from them after they have exhausted all other options.
We in turn offer these assets for sale to private equity funds, hedge funds and other high net-worth investors at very attractive sub-wholesale prices. Our clients depend on us to provide them with verifiable products that offer value and steady returns.

If you are a bank, other financial institution, direct buyer, seller or professional broker, and are interested in working with a reputable company with integrity, we look forward to offering you our services.