Bulk REO Training

Workshop 1: “How to Become a Successful Seller’s Mandate”

Twice a month, Rush Capital Fund offers an exclusive “How to Become a Successful Seller’s Mandate” workshop at our headquarters in Tampa, Florida. This workshop is among our most popular and gives students the tools they need to become a success.

Most Seller’s Mandates, also referred to as Seller’s Representatives, never make money brokering Bulk REO products, because they don’t have a reliable source of product to market to their clients. As a result, many seller’s mandates boggle themselves down, investing their time in chasing ghost-tapes and sellers instead of making deals.

When you attend our Bulk REO Training, we will teach you how to become a successful seller’s mandate and provide you access to our verifiable Bulk REO products. This will eliminate wasteful time spent on chasing tapes.  On average, our trained students make $5,000-$50,000 per trade.

Our workshops are successful because of the methods in which we use to teach. We don’t provide a normal classroom setting where students learn theories. In contrary, the student who participates will watch, listen and observe live telephone conversations while Kenneth Rushing, Managing Partner of Rush Capital Fund,LLC, or one of his trained instructors works to sell packages to investors. This training will offer you the inside tips, techniques and strategies we use everyday to successfully trade Bulk REO product.

This teaching style helps students to learn exactly what is required to trade bulk REO packages first-hand. The students enjoy this form of learning because it helps them to gain the confidence they need to go home and successfully trade without the presence of an instructor.