Market Opportunities

A Limited Opportunity

Some experts speculate that this is the best time to buy real estate within the past twenty years. The housing turmoil and the financial market have provided unbelievable opportunities for smart investors who can seize the moment. With a weak economy, over-leveraged financial institutions, and over 3 million foreclosure filings, we believe today offers a limited opportunity to buy distressed bulk REO properties at discounted prices for huge returns.

The “Toxic Asset” Plague

Right now, many banks are in desperate need to sell off their “toxic-assets.” These are real estate assets on their books that are non-performing and in default, and are now a liability instead of an asset. The early losses in subprime and other sectors have banks scrambling to get rid of these “toxic-assets” to shore up their balance sheets or be forced out of business from the federal government. With less capital available, the banks have been forced to sell assets in order to stay within regulatory limits on risk-weighted assets to capital. As a result, the banking system is going through a massive de-leveraging process— and selling these assets at a gain to investors who can buy them in bulk.

Modern Day Wealth Creation Model

Sophisticated investors both nationally and internationally are scrambling to participate in the modern day wealth creation vehicle known as – Bulk REO. Bulk REOs are pools of foreclosure homes- referred to in the banking industry as Real Estate Owned. These discounted Bulk REO assets can be purchased at 10-60% of the current market value and yield very high returns. We offer our clients enough spread to quickly wholesale these homes for profit, re-sell to end-users or rent these properties for massive cash-flow.

Untapped Niche

Most small and mid-size companies cannot afford to buy $100 million pools of Bulk REO packages offered by major financial institutions.  Therefore, the Rush Capital Fund has identified over 60 community banks and credit unions, and successfully formed exclusive relationships to buy smaller pools of homes priced between $1 million and $10 million. These packages are separated into smaller REO pools and offered to our clients at trades as low as $100,000. This allows the smaller investor an opportunity to play in this game instead of just the larger private equity funds and hedge funds.

Bulk REO Trader

The Rush Capital Fund was formed to capitalize on this buying opportunity and take advantage of the current marketplace. Our motto is we Buy Cheap & Sell Cheap to pass on value to our clients. Thus far, we have an impeccable reputation for providing to our client’s bargain basement deals that offer huge returns.